TV7 Jerusalem Studio
TV7 Jerusalem Studio

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Cultural competence - Israeli Police
Cultural competence - Israeli Police

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With USEUCOM Political Advisor
With USEUCOM Political Advisor

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TV7 Jerusalem Studio
TV7 Jerusalem Studio

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CCS provides training necessary to operate in a global environment.

In Israel, our focus and mission is to promote and enable superb international collaboration.

For international companies and governmental agencies, CCS provides the cultural orientation, training and consulting, necessary to streamline interaction with Israelis, and Israeli companies.

We also teach unique Israeli methodologies and organizational culture, applicable to any organization.

Organizational Consulting
From short term review and recommendations to long term accompaniment and development, we consult organizations and companies on streamlining operations, mainly international collaboration.


We conduct personal training for executives on personal skills needed for international cooperation, including specific preparation for meetings and visits.


We cover all aspects of cross-cultural nature and supply the client with detailed background information, in-depth analysis of the challenge, courses of action and clear recommendations. 

Lectures and Tours
Tailor-made for specific audiences, we provide an informative, inspirational and entertaining experience.


We take pride in presenting an in-depth analysis of the strategic environment, using our cross-cultural awareness and expertise to focus the information, themes and deliverables.


Unlike common practice, we do not promote a narrow agenda or narrative, but portray a multifaceted spectrum of ideas, enabling listeners to better grasp the complexities and construct their own opinions. 

From workshops to extended courses, we teach and train by combining frontal education and hands-on simulation.


We transform perspectives and capabilities by supplying useful tools which can be easily applied.


The tools and methodologies we cover are organizationally and professionally applicable and practical. 

Teamwork (workshop)

Collaborating with Israelis (workshop)

International Conferences
We plan and implement all aspects of international engagements, taking into account cross-cultural sensitivities.


From choosing the title and date, to careful attention to hosting international guests, we guarantee seamless and flawless performance and maximization of the conference's goals.


We also facilitate translation and interpretation services, including careful quality control of all professional material.