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This workshop focuses on adaptation and adoption of, methodologies utilized in leading organizations which require superb teamwork in a dynamic and challenging environment.
Led by Israeli former special operations operator and pilot, who share their unique experience and expertise

  • Acquire practical tools and skills, aimed at dramatically boosting personal capabilities and professional output – as an effective manager and leader, as well as a productive team member.

  • Significantly enhance synergy, effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

  • Ignite personal and organizational curiosity and instill self-learning tools in order to advance managerial methodologies and organizational culture.

  • This Workshop is a development program, which improves the performance of organizations by empowering individual capabilities.

  • It is structured to instill fundamental skills required for managing projects, time and people, enhancing teamwork, streamlining coordination, and boosting productivity and efficiency.

  • Participants are exposed to leading concepts and methodologies employed by Israel's elite organizations.

  • The workshop provides a platform for discussion, mutual learning and combined development.

  • Organizational culture as cultural DNA.

  • Human error and the question of causality.

  • Methods for thinking outside of the box.

  • The art of leadership and followership.

  • Overcoming social traps and cognitive biases.

  • Effective interpersonal communication and collaboration.

  • Decision making methodologies.

  • Situational assessment and situational awareness.

  • Error management and mitigation models.

  • Key components of the planning cycle.

  • Contingency planning, what-if analysis.

  • The importance and limitations of standardization.

Guiding principles
  • Transform perspectives and capabilities and supply useful tools and methodologies. Achieved by combining lectures, test cases, and hands-on simulation.

  • Minimum theory - maximum practicality.

  • Reach tangible results – capabilities which can be easily and immediately applied, leading to a direct impact on productivity and efficiency.

  • Focus on personal and interpersonal capabilities at the core of management and organizational excellence.

  • Challenge the traditional hierarchical approach and set forth a more dynamic, networked, teamwork approach, better suited for today’s fast-paced reality.


Target Audience:

Managers, supervisors and team Leaders, from intermediate management positions to senior level leaders. 

Staff members and team members required to collaborate in dynamic organizations.

Workshop Length:

Multiple formats, from several hours to three days.


Class Size:

Flexible, although the smaller the group, the more intimate the workshop dynamic can be (recommended: 15 people).


Workshop Language:


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