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Reuven is a cross-cultural strategist, analyst and consultant. His passion is understanding culture, and bridging cross-cultural gaps in promotion of superb international collaboration.

He founded Cross-Cultural Strategies Ltd. after retiring from the Israel Defense Force, where he served for 25 years as a helicopter pilot, and in various international relations positions in the General Staff, among them director of Israel-US military cooperation, and director of the International Fellows Program at the Israel National Defense College.

As a retired Colonel, Reuven continues to serve in the International Cooperation Division (ICD) and trains senior leaders in Cross-Cultural communication at the IDF School of Military Diplomacy and at the Israel National Defense College.

Reuven is a graduate of the IDF Command and Staff College, and holds a B.Sc. in industrial engineering and management, and M.Sc. in business administration from Ben Gurion University.

Reuven is an Associate at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT). He is a columnist for the Jerusalem Post, and consults, teaches and lectures in various forums, in Israel and overseas.

Reuven Ben-Shalom 

Reuven Ben-Shalom

Moshe is a multidisciplinary problem solver, utilizing vast operational, organizational and technological expertise.

He served as a special forces operator in Israel's elite counter-terror unit "Yamam". In the IDF, Moshe served in an infantry combat unit and in the Israeli Navy as a diver.

Moshe was a park ranger at the Israel Nature and Parks Authority, where he led wildlife preservation and law enforcement efforts. He then served as the interagency coordinator between the Nature and Parks Authority, governmental agencies and local municipalities in the Carmel region.

His experience spans numerous combat missions including surveillance, sniper shooting, demolition, helicopter deployment and law enforcement. He is a certified firearm and shooting instructor, a driving instructor for tactical, off-road and all-terrain vehicles, SCUBA Qualified, and Krav Maga qualified (Israeli hand to hand combat). Moshe is also a certified medic in the Israeli Magen David Adom.

Moshe has extensive experience in international collaborative environments. He consults, trains and instructs in various organizations in Israel and overseas, mainly cross-cultural adaptation of operational and organizational methodologies. He regularly assists law enforcement and special operations units in solving complex organizational, operational and technological challenges.

Reuven Ben-Shalom

Moshe Ben-Shalom 

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