Interviews and Speeches

The Evolution of Unmanned Terminology -
Reflecting the Future of UAS
Presentation at DroneTech 2019
Shifting alliances between east and west
Debate on TV7 Israel News.
6 December 2019


The north Atlantic treaty organization has convened its heads of states in London this week, to commemorate NATO’s establishment 70 years ago, at the height of the cold war with the soviet union. Circumstances have of course changed dramatically over the seven decades, and with them – global alliances seem to be shifting, with the inevitable impact on the Middle East.

Israel-Jordan: Diplomacy & Security
Debate on TV7 Israel News.

26 November 2019


The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, which is almost landlocked and has a demographic majority of citizens of Palestinian origin, has traditionally being considered one of the more fragile of the Arab countries, yet in recent years, it has been surprisingly resilient while its neighbors succumbed to domestic and regional turmoil.

Israel’s challenge of confronting Gaza Islamist
Debate on TV7 Israel News.

22 November 2019


Lebanon is facing yet another significant event in its turbulent political history, with parliamentary elections one month away. Both domestic and external forces actively seek to influence results in their favor.

Syria, Russia, US and Israel
Interview on RT Network (Russia)

15 April 2018


Following an alleged Israeli attack in Syria, and before an allied attack, led by the US, on chemical weapon facilities.

Current events
Debate on i24 News in ARABIC

10 April 2018

Lebanon's political future
Debate on TV7 Israel News.

3 April 2018


Lebanon is facing yet another significant event in its turbulent political history, with parliamentary elections one month away. Both domestic and external forces actively seek to influence results in their favor.

Israel's readiness for possible conflict
Debate on TV7 Israel News.

27 March 2018


As the conflict stricken Middle East continues to rumble, with threats rapidly drawing nearer, Israel does not stand idly by for the fragile stability to shatter, as it continues to prepare itself for any scenario possible.

Saudi challenges amid regional rivalries
Debate on TV7 Israel News.

30 March 2018


Saudi Arabia, hailed as the most powerful Arab country today, has undergone major political and economic reform, aspiring to diversify its markets while bolstering its military capabilities. Nevertheless, the rivalry with the Islamic Republic of Iran has exerted a heavy price from the monarchy, forcing it into unwanted military adventures across the chaotic region.

Is Hezbollah planning for a next round of fighting against Israel?
Debate on TV7 Israel News.

28 February 2017


The most significant and immediate threat to Israel today, according to Israeli defense officials, the Iranian backed group in Lebanon Hezbollah, has in the past few years significantly increased its military capabilities and become a major force operating in the Middle East.

State comptroller's 2014 Gaza report

Debate on TV7 Israel News.

16 March 2017

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, together with Israel's top political and defense officials, were harshly criticized in a report published by the state comptroller, over what it said was a lack of preparation and cabinet consultation over a network of Hamas tunnels that confounded the IDF in the Gaza war of 2014.

Israel's morality in the battlefield
Debate on TV7 Israel News.

18 January 2017


For years, international organization and humanitarian activists have challenged the moral conduct of the Israeli Defense Forces in the battlefield - accusing it of committing various atrocities that even appropriate to war crimes.

Egypt’s Islamic insurgency

Debate on TV7 Israel News.

27 February 2017

Israel's southwestern neighbor Egypt, faces an ongoing Islamic insurgency that seeks to depose President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The main group that operates in the lawless Sinai peninsula called Wilayat Sinai has been battling Egyptian government forces, while declaring war, among others, against the Jewish State.

China's interests in the Middle East

Debate on TV7 Israel News.

1 April 2017

With China's dependency on Middle East oil, the raging chaos and instability across the region has prompted diplomatic efforts by Beijing to increase its political involvement, aimed at ensuring its strategic interests.

DAILY DOSE With Yael Lavie
i24 News


23 March 2017


Following terror attack in London


(Beginning at 11:40)

Washington's renewed efforts to revive the Israeli Palestinian peace talks

Debate on TV7 Israel News.

30 March 2017

President Trump has sent his special representative for international negotiations to Jerusalem and Ramallah to test the waters and identify what course of action to pursue that will lay a foundation for a viable reconstruction of a long-stalled political process.

Interview during President
Obama's visit to Israel


21 March 2013


Reuven Ben-Shalom talks with Bloomberg's Middle East Business Editor Elliott Gotkine about how President Barack Obama's message is being received by the Israeli people. He speaks on Bloomberg Television's "Countdown."

ראיון לרדיו קהילתי במלבורן, אוסטרליה


הראיון נערך בשנת 2011, במהלך ביקור באוסטרליה מטעם קרן היסוד.


Interviewed IN HEBREW by Ruth Gilmour, on the Multicultural Community Radio 3ZZZ, Melbourne, Australia, 2011.

At the time, Reuven was still serving in the IDF,
and visited Australia on behalf of UIA - Keren Hayesod.

Guest speaker
27 February 2014
The Woman's Division
Campaign Launch Breakfast
Melbourne, Australia
Adressing a workshop on advocating for Israel
3 August 2014

This video was created during Operation Protective Edge for a workshop in Melbourne, Australia, aimed at advocating for Israel and dealing with biased portrayal in the media. 

The workshop was organized by Mr. David Southwick MP, in conjunction with the Association for Israelis in Australia and the Australia/Israel & Jewish Affairs Council.

Interview on Sun News Network
31 July 2014

Interviewed during IDF's Operation Protective Edge in Gaza.


Interview on Sun News Network
14 August 2014

During Operation Protective Edge


The current ceasefire and prospects for long term stability.

The need to demilitarize Gaza and the possibility of a "war of attrition".

US-Israel relations and Obama-Netanyahu relations.

How united is Israel behind Netanyahu?

Interview on Sun News Network
18 August 2014

During Operation Protective Edge


Interview held hours before the end of a 5 day ceasefire.

Discussing prospects for long term stability, and the need to enforce demilitarization by the moderate regional actors, supported of the international community.

Interview on Sun News Network
21 August 2014

Day 45 of Operation Protective Edge.

Conference Call - The Israel Project
31 July 2014

The Israel Project held a conference call with Lt.-Col. (Res.) Reuven Ben Shalom, who provided a situation update and discussed Israeli efforts to degrade Hamas's arsenal and tunnel network.

Interview on Frontpage Jerusalem Radio
The International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem
29 September 2014

Israel and the Islamist Threat -
On the complex challenges which Israel currently faces from radical Muslim militias.