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Cultural Prism


Lectures on a range of topics, aimed at providing an informative, inspirational and entertaining experience.
Based on both operational and strategic level, hands-on experience. 

Presented not as a narrow agenda or narrative, but a multifaceted spectrum of complexities. 

Israel’s strategic environment​​​​

  • A broad look at the region - players, rivals, interests, threats and opportunities.
  • Understanding the multi-domain challenges Israel faces and how they are being addressed.

The northern arena (Lebanon, Syria)

  • Who’s who in the northern arena – main players and interests.

  • Recent developments and looking ahead at eventualities and courses of action.

The Gaza Strip

  • The complexities of the Gaza Strip, analyzing Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. 

  • Current and looming threats, and what can we do about it?

Introduction to Israeli culture

  • Mitigate the inevitable culture shock by understanding fundamental aspects of Israeli culture.

  • Whether moving to Israel or engaging with Israelis, here's an eye opener and a door opener.

Cultural Codes of Israeli Innovation

  • Blueprints of Israeli culture and its effect on innovation, mainly in the realm of defense.

  • Bridging and bypassing cultural gaps, enabling productive collaboration with Israelis.

The secrets of effective teamwork

  • Israeli Air Force and special ops methodologies adapted for nurturing superb teamwork.

  • Significantly enhance synergy, effectiveness and safety in any dynamic environment.

Israel’s internal challenges

  • An intimate look at the many challenges Israel faces inwardly, as a relatively young democracy.

  • Addressing issues such as religion, democracy, infrastructure and the IDF as a “people’s army.”



  • From common terminology to collaborative efforts - can we truly counter the threat of terrorism?

  • What are the key factors in honing capabilities and merging efforts?

Israel-US military relations

  • The history and spirit of this robust cooperation, from shared values to mutual interests.

  • A review of a multifaceted collaboration ranging from intelligence sharing to missile defense.

Israel Defense Forces

  • An inside look at the IDF from its unique culture and values, to its structure and operations.

  • Hear first-hand accounts of success and failure in special operations and war.

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