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Cross-Cultural Strategies Ltd.

Facilitating International Collaboration   -   Bridging Cross-Cultural Gaps   -   Streamlining Organizations​   -   Enhancing Teamwork

Long and Winding Road. Photo by Amit Bar-Yosef



In today's global environment, it is essential not only to master cross-cultural skills in order to streamline international collaboration, but to nurture mutual learning and adaptation of multidisciplinary and multicultural methodologies.


Our vision is to bridge cultural and organizational gaps, and to promote coherence of action, within and between organizations.




In Israel, our mission is to promote and facilitate superb international collaboration by enhancing personal and organizational capabilities and skills.


For international companies and governmental agencies, CCS provides cultural orientation, training and consulting, to improve interaction with Israelis and Israeli companies, as well as facilitate adaptation of leading operational concepts and methods.




CCS was founded by Reuven Ben-Shalom, a cross-cultural strategist and former helicopter pilot in the Israeli Air Force.

He was joined by his brother, Moshe Ben-Shalom, an interdisciplinary integrator and former special forces operator.

Together they utilize unique experience and expertise for maximizing personal and organizational capabilities.


"We did not expect such a dramatic outcome. The workshop was fascinating and the simulation stunningly realistic.
By the end of the day we knew 
exactly what needed to be changed. Thank you for an eye opening experience." (A Tel Aviv based high-tech company)

"Thank you so much for the support while in Israel. You enormously enhanced and enriched our professional and personal experience." (A UK based company)

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